Question 1: Is there visible mold?

If so, you may not need a mold test or inspection. You need to clean up/remove the mold, or if it is a large amount (over 25 contiguous sq.ft.), contact a mold remediation company to remediate it.

If you still want to confirm or need evidence that you have a mold problem, continue to schedule an inspection. If not, you just need to eliminate the mold and the source of the moisture that is allowing it to grow.


Question 2: Is the inspector/company licensed to perform mold inspections?

To legally perform a mold inspection in the state of Texas, you must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. (Or by Texas Department of State Health Services if licensed before Nov 2017).

Don’t use anyone for a Mold Inspection who isn’t licensed by the State of Texas to perform the inspection.

We are licensed by the State of Texas to perform mold inspections. License # MAT1191

Question 3: Does the inspector/company use Thermal/Infrared Imaging to look for potential moisture or other potential issues when performing the inspection?

Thermal/Infrared Imaging allows the inspector to see many things that otherwise wouldn’t be noticed, and we believe that it should be used in every mold inspection.

We utilize Thermal/Infrared Imaging in every mold inspection we perform at no additional charge.

What you see.

What I see with the Thermal/Infrared camera.

Question 4: Does the inspector/company test for other common potentially harmful contaminates in the air such as TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and HCHO (formaldehyde)?

These other air borne contaminates could be the source of the problems you may be having, and most mold inspectors don’t test for them.

We test for elevated levels of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and HCHO (formaldehyde) as part of our standard inspection for Indoor Air Quality and Mold.

Question 5: Is the Inspector a Licensed Home Inspector as well as a Mold Inspector and familiar with all of the components and systems in a home?

Understanding how homes are constructed and the components that make up your home are crucial to understanding and investigating the issues related to mold in your home.

We are Licensed as a Professional Inspector for all types of real estate by TREC #9390 and as a Mold Assessment Technician #MAT1191.  Also, we are certified by InterNACHI as a CPI and by the IAC2 for mold inspections.

Question 6: Is the inspector willing and available to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the inspection?

It is important that you are familiar with and understand the mold inspection process and are comfortable with the entire process of the inspection and your results. So we are available for any and all questions that you may have about what we will perform during the inspection, what we found during the inspection, and what we listed in our report as well as what is listed in the Lab report you will receive after your inspection.


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